Mercedes A Class


With a slightly new look the A Class has stepped their game up. Mercedes re-designed the rear tail lights and brought in a new fresher front for this hot hatch. Technology has definitely upgraded the already stylish A Class. Sitting in the new A Class you will see the biggest changes made by Mercedes. A large screen hosts everything you need from the car, from your speed to change the air perfume by Mercedes. The new dash adds to the luxury and brings a ‘’young’’ dynamic to the car. The Mercedes A Class ambient lighting has 64 LED lighting options but what I like you can set it on random and sit back and watch the display. The MBUX system also has a revitalizing traffic massage. The systems talks you though some basic body movement while seated to get the blood flowing. This system reduces fatigue and stimulates your brain when you are on the long road or sitting in traffic. It’s not just the body movements that helps, the lighting and air perfume all adds to this experience.  The base model costs R500 000 this is in the reach for a first time buyer. But more importantly the A Class is a serious competitor for the Audi A1 and BMW 1 series.

I tested the A200 which is a 1.3 liter turbocharged which produces 120 kW and 250Nm. This model was a 7 speed automatic and fuel consumption was surprisingly good 6.6L per 100/km. the ride was different, not as bumpy as the last model. Some chassis improvements, with the ride height lower. Speed wise the A Class is not that sporty, looks like it, feels like it but doesn’t sound like it. Yes it is a 1.3L and Mercedes should have left out the sports mode option the car sounds terrible. Comfort and Eco mode is perfect for this car. To be honest if I need the speed I would go for the AMG 45 but I love what they have done with this little 1.3 and yes I would prefer this over the AMG 45. 0 – 100kph is around 8.2 seconds.


Even though this is the entry level it is a fantastic start! This is true Mercedes quality and this is what I love about this manufacture. More models will be available later this year like the AMG 45 and AMG 35.



Mercedes-Benz A200   R499 000

Mercedes-Benz A250   R593 300