Mercedes Benz E400

Introducing the second generation E-Class Coupe; a genuine four-seater that mixes modern technology with conventional luxury. Mercedes has refreshed the E Coupe with stylish good looks and even a new engine. The E400 comes out with a 3-litre V6 engine boosted with two turbos. This incredible coupe delivers a whopping 245kW and 480nW at 5 500 r/minute. We achieved 0-100 km/h in 6 seconds.  

The E400 sits on 19 inch low profile tyres which looks great and does not interfere with the ride quality. The coupe is fitted with the same air suspension you would get in your S Class. The C Class coupe is similar looking but the E Coupe has a more aggressive look from the front. The new LED technology on dipped and main beam is eye definitely catching, once you have unlocked the vehicle you are graced with a bright blue light that fades into you normal white beam. Pretty cool if you ask me, it’s always great when a manufacture steps out and does things different. BUT that’s not all that stands out: inside you will be blown away!! The speedometer is one huge screen, which is fully customisable. You can change your one colour scheme and layout. You have a choice of 64 different colours to play around with but that is just the tip of the ice berg in terms of technology.  

Remote Park Assist:

This system allows you to sit back and allow the vehicle to park into those tricky spaces at the mall. You have to engage the park assist and the rear of the vehicle has to pass the parking space. You will then have to choose to reverse or forward park, and then allow the vehicle to take control – and yes it works perfectly. Back to reality, will you use it very day? NO. It’s a great feature, although it takes couple more minute longer if you do it yourself.  

Mercedes ME:

Did you ever forget to lock your vehicle? I’ve done it countless of times not to mention locking my keys in the car. Now Mercedes has an app for your phone. The app notifies you if your car is unlocked and prompts you to lock it. You can view the states of your vehicle: how much fuel you have, mileage and the best part of the app you can locate your car!! How many times have you lost your car in a parking lot?  

Starting price:

E200 – R754 500

E220d – R806 500

E300 – R842 500

E400 – R1 021 500

But there is more! Mercedes has three more models hitting our roads. E43, E63 S 4MATIC and a convertible.  


Great car, definitely 10 out of 10. I struggled to find something I didn’t like. But this is Mercedes after all. They strive for perfection and that’s what you get. The rear is tiny so no to a family car, I’d go for the GLE then.

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Ford is making their home on South African soil

Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa announced that it is investing R3-billion to expand production capacity at its South African manufacturing operations in order to meet growing local and international demand for the trend-setting Ford Ranger. Following the all-time record deliveries of 10,117 Rangers to local and export customers during September 2017, we delivered a total of 8,646 units in October. The Ranger has hit the top sales charts for October 2017. This continues to secure Ford’s status as one of the region’s leading vehicle manufacturers and a global center of excellence for the Ford Ranger program.

Along with the continued local investment, it has also been confirmed that the thrilling, first-ever Ford Ranger Raptor will be produced in South Africa when it hits the market in 2019, introducing an entirely new level of off-road performance and capability to the one-ton pickup segment.

“As part of our strategic planning to accommodate the growing market volumes for the Ranger in South Africa and our export markets, the R3-billion investment will encompass both product and capacity related actions,” said Ockert Berry, vice president Operations, Ford Middle East and Africa. As an exciting new addition to the Ford Performance family, the Ford Ranger Raptor is a purpose-built, desert-racing inspired model that builds on the unrivalled heritage of Ford Performance’s legendary F-150 Raptor, the world’s most extreme production pickup.

Designed and engineered to deliver an adrenaline-pumping driving experience, the Ford Ranger Raptor sports a head-turning exterior look that exudes toughness as well as a level of capability and off-road performance never before seen in this segment.


Range Rover has created an elegant piece of art

A motorcycle with a roof….. DONE

A SUV without a roof…… Yes we have one!


The Range Rover Evoque was introduced into the South African market in early 2013 with not much changes happening with the facelift models. This time they have stepped beyond our expectations.  The latest creation by Jaguar Land Rove is their new Range Rover Evoque Convertible, which turns heads everywhere you go. This is a really beautiful car to look at, its elegant curves, its stylish lines and canvas roof which stands out. The door handles still maintain their signature display at night. The vehicle is fitted with Xenon headlights, LED daytime running lights and light sensors. A lot of comments being the new convertible is an import or an aftermarket creation…… This is a production vehicle available to the public.  

Jaguar Land Rover claims the fuel consumption is 8 liters per 100km from its 2 liter engine this is true as I drove the vehicle from Johannesburg to Durban however your urban cycle pushes it up to around 10 liters per 100km. Your maximum power output is 177kW with 340 Nm of torque. 

Though out my journey I kept on the great technology like: lane assist and cruise control, my arms where aching once I reached Durban. The lane assist does not work all the time and acts like a magnet forcing you to regain some control over the vehicle. I turned all that tech off driving back to Johannesburg and what a pleasure! The vehicle has off road capability but why would you want to take it off road??   

Once you are in the Evoque you are still graced with class. The front of the vehicle is roomy, with a touch screen display, multifunction steering wheel, automatic folding mirrors, rain sensors, electric front adjustable memory seats and four electric windows. The rear windows tucks away neatly into the body but the front you are left with 2cm sticking out. This is uncomfortable if are an arm out driver. Your rear seating…… Not much space there. Maybe for children but it will be a squeeze and the boot space is very tiny. This is a Range Rover after all and you would expect that same drive quality, this isn’t the case in the convertible. Traveling on the high way there is a lot of wind noise and there was a lot of little creaks and cracks which is understandable due to the canvas roof. There is also a slight blind spot obstruction when the roof is up but no problems once it is down.

THE PRICE: R979,800.00 in our market you will not find a convertible SUV but for the price tag you can get the new E Class convertible. Overall you will be noticed, owning one is a bold statement in being the first SUV convertible and JLR can only do better!   

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