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MotoCloud was founded in November 2015, when I decided to combine my dream job and passion and made it a reality. As a car and motorcycle fanatic I understand that your dream vehicle is an extension of you and an expression of who you are or who you hope to be. MotoCloud is able to pair you up with a manufacture that best suits your deepest desire and personality. MotoCloud provides a fleet management service for vehicle manufacturers, we also work alongside a number of media personalities/journalists, supplying vehicles for vehicle tests, music videos, commercials and a range of various events. We pride ourselves on building strong long-term working relationships and keeping our clients satisfied. We ensure that our services are extremely professional to all our clients at all times. We aim to offer you a life of luxury and ease.

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“ The reality is communication in the internet has changed drastically from where it were few years ago to where we are today, whether its Facebook’s 1.49 billion users, Twitter’s 316 million users or Instagram’s 300 million users. This is all in the power of the hashtag – it is a growing voice. The challenge for a brand is to ensure that their content is of such a nature that it is share-able and that it drives positive engagement and viral growth.” Social media expert – Fiona Potgieter (Forbes 2016 March edition). This is where MotoCloud steps in and drives your products in a positive light.

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it’s not about the Destination, it’s about the Journey.